Illusion is the first of all pleasures

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Re: the text post going around about being either a “dick” or a “cock” person, I don’t give a fuck which of the two gets used as long as I never have to read “his member” again.

Edit: or his turgid rod, but I thought that went without saying, HH ;)

Filed under I'm so down with the D I like both i think you gotta think about who your characters are how they would perceive their own schlong and the setting of your fic but member? member to what? the ass fuckkng club?

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Anonymous asked: Hello there. I am a fan of your writing, specifically your Spamano stories, and even though you no longer write about them as often as I would like, I want to inform you of something that has occurred in my life that was influenced by your story: My Heart Drenched in Wine. I'll continue in another 'ask'.

"I’m currently studying abroad in Italy, and my roommates and I decided to at least try wine here before returning home to the states. We went out for dinner, and I had no clue what to get. I knew I had a preference for red wine, God knows why, but I didn’t know which one to ask for. I looked at the wine list again and a name caught my eye, one that I was familiar with. It was Nero d’Avola. I ordered it that instant and got the surprise of my life."

Aww, anon, that’s awesome! I hope it tasted fantastic and that you are enjoying every moment of your time in Italy.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me—My Heart has a special place in *my* heart, so this makes me really happy!

(And I’m sorry about the lack of Spamano & Hetalia in general….my fandom interests have shifted a bit and my life is much busier now that it was in the fic-writing heydays of 2011-12. I’m always open to doing more, though!)

Cheers, my dear—have another glass for me!

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HOORAY! As of today, it is official and announced to the wider work world—I am now the SENIOR Associate Director in our group! 

Bring on the big projects and the big raise ;) 

More than the raise, though, I just really, really like my job. I am so fortunate <3 <3 

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