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darkii asked: also were talking to me about that full onsen smut and something with size difference. I'M SORRY I DON'T WANT TO COME OFF AS PUSHY I'M SORRY *backflips out of the planet* and enjoy your trip :D

OK, so it has been like two or three weeks since you sent me this ask and I’m just now coming up for enough air to think I might be able to pull off some decent-ish quick KagaKuro smut! 

How about a little bit with their height difference? :) Smut below the cut.


Kagami leaned on the kitchen counter and watched the flex of Kuroko’s calves, pulled completely taut by Kuroko’s futile (but adorably hilarious) efforts to stand on his tip-toes and reach the mixing bowl that was so freaking big it couldn’t fit anywhere but the top shelf. Kuroko’s fingers scrabbled aimlessly above his head, straining and failing to even brush the surface of the shelf. Kagami shook his head and crossed their tiny kitchen to press himself against the arch of Kuroko’s back. 

Kagami kissed behind Kuroko’s ear and didn’t bother to disguise his amusement as he asked, “You want some help with that?” 

"No, thank you." Kuroko didn’t even turn around to look at him, apparently too busy trying and failing to will himself to be six inches taller to pay attention to Kagami’s generous offer of assistance.

"Don’t be stupid." Kagami pinched Kuroko’s side, crowed into his space and reached above Kuroko’s attempts to defeat the dastardly combo of genetics and kitchen design. "Let me help you." 

Kagami set the mixing bowl by the sink, slammed the cupboard shut and returned to nuzzling the stubborn curve of Kuroko’s neck. 

As thanks for his kindness, Kagami received a muttered, “The length of your arms is stupid.” 

"Jealous?" Kagami snorted, wrapped an arm around Kuroko’s waist and turned him around so he could see the slant of Kuroko’s tiny pout. 

"No," Kuroko denied, even as he pushed up on the balls of his feet to meet the downward progress of Kagami’s kiss. 

"Dumbass." Kagamu dragged his lips across Kuroko’s cheek. "I think its cute that you’re so short." 

"I’m not short." Kuroko glared at him balefully. "Perhaps Kagami is just too tall." 

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The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco / open to pedestrian traffic only, during its opening in May 1937 (top) and on its 50th anniversary in May 1987 (bottom).

In 1987, the weight of the 300,000 people that crossed the bridge caused it to sag by 5 feet.

My dad and I were watching it live on TV and he had to assure me that the bridge wouldn’t break or collapse. 

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The Confidence Gap

Reading this article has me thinking through all the professional decisions I’ve made (and not made) and why in my 8 year career. 

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The last of my many many pictures, I swear!

Memories of Japan, Pt 2. (1. The train ride home 2. Sakura by Night, Kyoto. 3. The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto. 4. Matsumoto Castle, Matsumoto. 5. Narai, the Nakasendo Trail. 6. Dotonbori, Osaka. 7. Narai, Nakasendo Trail. 8. The Japanese Alps 9. The Nakasenso Trail to the Torii Pass. 10. So many mountains!

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