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I can’t resist!!;w;

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Morgan Page - Addicted

Some angsty Sourin that was inspired by some convos I had with rocketsabout the ways in which both Sousuke and Rin can be selfish. 

A vague undefined future fic in which Rin and Sousuke are f*ck buddies, of sorts, and Sousuke can’t find the words to ask for more. 

Sousuke slips his tongue into Rin’s begging mouth, closes his eyes and wishes that they would talk more and f*ck less.

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San Francisco, California

One reason why I love living in SF. <3 City lights 

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William A. Breakspeare - The End of the Evening 

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Liza Minnelli,
Cabaret (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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how i console myself on sousuke’s future: sousuke follows rin to australia to become a pro surfer (and teaches rin on the side, but rin actually sucks at surfing somehow and sousuke revels in this moment) 

i became super nostalgic while drawing this since ive been through my surfer days many years ago *u*

Angsty surfer and swimmer boy have a little chat about Haru. It goes as well as expected. 


more manager/celebrity swimmer sourin AU whereas i had lots of fun bouncing off saucy ideas with champagnesly <3